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Web Design Service
Having your own web site is a great way of promoting your business not only locally but nationally and internationally. Anyone with a PC and an Internet connection can view your products or services anywhere in the world. Therefore it is important that your web site portrays a polished and professional image, after all it’s your shop window to the world.  
At Davis MT we can help with this important task, whether you need one page or a complex multi page site we provide the skills and expertise to deliver a professional looking Internet presence.
What we do
Ideally we would like to meet with you to understand your requirements, for example site theme, colour schemes, content and time scales, although a lot of this could be done over the phone with the help of web collaboration tools.
Once we have decided on a design concept we will set up a secure area on our own website so that you can view progress and suggest changes. Once you are happy with the look and feel of the web site we will release it onto the Internet using your own domain name
Domain Name and Web Hosting
You will need to think of a unique name for your website before it can be published.  Once you have decided on a name it will need to be registered with a domain registering company, of course we will do
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this for you and is covered in the cost of developing your web site*.  Next you will need a hosting plan to house your web site. A hosting plan is a service run by a web hosting company.  For a small business, a basic plan is normally sufficient, typically it will allow a storage space of about 500Mb. It will also give you access to you own personal email accounts, typically 1,000 accounts can be configured. Our prices include the rental cost of the hosting  plan for a period of 12 months *.
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* The development costs includes 12 months rental of the web site domain name and hosting plan.  After that time it is the responsibility of the    customer to renew both services.