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Golden Age Genealogy
Golden Age Genealogy is a company offering genealogy services. The client wanted a professional web site to inform and promote their products and services. The web site also has Facebook integration, shopping cart and PayPal checkout options.
Web site address : www.goldenagenealogy.co.uk

Releaf is a sporting organisation focused on improving individual sporting performance based on massage, coaching, diet and education.

The clients brief was to provide a clean looking professional web site where customers could book a massage session get detailed help and advice on training, injury prevention and nutrition.

The web site has Facebook integration, an online booking service, Video tutorials and presentation slide shows.
Web site address : www.re-leafmk.co.uk
Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church wanted a web site that would satisfy two objectives.

1. To inform new parishioners of various services and facilities
    that the church offers.

2. To keep existing parishioners up to date on current events and
    dates, plus a facility for downloading the weekly church

Web site address : www.sacredheartflitwick.co.uk
Ann Twigg-Loizou
The client is a professional Hypnotherapist and counsellor.  The brief was to develop a web site that informed potential customers of services offered and information on Hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki 2
Web site address : www.counselling-hypno.co.uk
Davis & McGillicuddy Family History  
This web site was created using a specially developed genealogy template which integrates with SQL databases. This allows the automatic creation of family trees and comprehensive database searches.
Web site address : www.davis_mcgillicudy.co.uk
Sinclair Digital Cameras
Sinclair Digital Cameras is a test web site we have set up to demonstrate our ability to deliver e-commerce functionality. Visitors can add products to the shopping cart and check out using our PayPal test account.
Web site address : www.sinclaircamerasdemo.co.uk